Agriculture is one of the most important industries to the 9th District and the state.
As a second generation farmer, I deal with the challenges on a daily basis. This past
session there were many attempts to burden the agricultural industry with additional
costs that could not be passed on. These included sales tax on fertilizer, sales tax on
crop protection products, Business and Occupation tax on gross receipts, trade in
allowance, and other hidden oil-based product taxes. We must protect the jobs that
agriculture brings to our region. I will work continually to keep the agricultural
industry healthy.


We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. In an effort to make
it more difficult to raise taxes, the voters enacted I-960, requiring a 2/3rd majority
vote in the legislature to raise taxes. While I voted against the legislation that killed
I-960, the Democrat controlled legislature this session passed the legislation and the
governor signed this bill into law. As a state we need to live within our means. As
families and employers are having to tighten their belts, so should state government.
And, any new spending proposals need to be paid for from existing revenues.


We all know that it is not the government’s function to create jobs. Government
needs to foster an atmosphere where jobs can thrive. Small business provides the
majority of jobs in our state and country. According to the Small Business
Administration (SBA) 53.3% of all jobs are in small businesses. Taxes, regulatory
environment, and size and scope of government all directly impact our employers’
ability to expand job opportunities.


The funding of education is of “paramount duty” according to our state constitution.
It is the only item specifically singled out that the state must spend taxpayer money
on. I have two principles on education. First, there should be more control given to
the local school board. Decisions made a t the local level are usually the best
decisions. And second, the burgeoning state education bureaucracy needs to be kept
in check.
For State Representative ~ District 9 ~ GOP
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2011 Legislator of the Year, Washington
Ambulatory Surgery Center

2012 Outstanding Legislator Award, National
Federation of Independent Business

2012 Stole of Gratitude, Eastern Washington

2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Legislative
Priorities Award, Association of Washington

2010 Voting Record Award, Washington Food
Industry Association

2010 Friends of the State Veteran’s Cemetery